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M G Painting & Decorating

Turner Bridge Road, Bolton

Fryer R

7 Grace Street, Horwich, Bolton

Jones C P

1A Grange Manor, Grange Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton

Faulds R B

14 Devon Close, Little Lever, Bolton

Whittle F & D

30 Lambton Street, Bolton

Stott Bernard Ltd

Viola Street, Bolton

Olive Keith

11 Aire Drive, Bolton

Paper Works

23 Briarfield, Egerton, Bolton

RT Decorating

151 Church Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3SW

Mills & Jones Ltd

77 Trent Way, Kearsley , Bolton

Holts Decorators Ltd

Newnham Street, Bolton

Smart Rooms

Jones Graham

5 Sweetloves Grove, Bolton

Brown C H

6 Ainsworth Avenue, Horwich, Bolton

C J Decorators

16 Crescent Avenue, Over Hulton, Bolton, BL5 1EW

S W Design

695 Manchester Road, Westhoughton, Bolton

Wright A

607 Halliwell Road, Bolton

A J Decorators

504 Wigan Road, Westhoughton, Bolton

Smith S

Wheatfield House, 118 Radcliffe Road, Bolton

Flitcroft B

45 Hawarden Street, Bolton

Bruce Interiors

High Bank House, High Bank Street, Bolton

DPN Painting

28 Meadow Close, Little Lever, Bolton

Borrett John Ltd

69 Booth Road, Little Lever, Bolton


134 Manchester Road, Kearsley , Bolton

Alker Philip

2 The Folds, Blackrod, Bolton

Harrison Jim

4 Harrowby Court, Farnworth, Bolton

Platt M

12 Dryburgh Avenue, Bolton


120 Breightmet Drive, Bolton

Cheeseman D J

18 Bar Lane, Bolton

Grainglea Decorating

92 Aintree Road, Little Lever, Bolton

IC Decor

22 Windsor Road, Bolton, BL7 9LH

Hanley T A

23 Woodbine Road, Bolton


7 Hazelwood Road, Bolton

S Smith Painting and Decorating contractor

Sharrock Alan

37 Brownlow Road, Horwich, Bolton

Smith N & Sons

399 Radcliffe Road, Bolton

Dobson W

15 St Phillips Avenue, Bolton

Lee J G Decorators Ltd

6A Halliwell Mills, Bertha Street, Bolton

Waring Alan & Daughter

34 Hulton Lane, Bolton

A M Edwards

1 Templeton Close, Westhoughton, Bolton

Williams Decorators

14 Bowen Street, Bolton

M T Decorators

16 Cobham Avenue, Bolton

Marsh Wayne

1 Watson Road, Farnworth, Bolton

J M Decor

12 Woodland View, Bromley Cross, Bolton

Markland Hill Decorators

The Bell Tower, 17 Mill View Lane, Horwich, Bolton

PG Decorating

69 Tong Road, Little Lever, Bolton

Berrigan A

7 Parkway, Westhoughton, Bolton

Carr John

262 Bradford Road, Bolton

Worthington J

56 High Street, Bolton

Harrison A

15 St Marys Avenue, Bolton

A & B

8 Walker Street, Westhoughton, Bolton

Peter Higson Painter & Decorator

4 Gunters Avenue, Westhoughton, Bolton

Classic Decor

226 Highfield Road, Farnworth, Bolton

Decor 8

90 Grosvenor Street, Kearsley , Bolton

R & J Decorators

61 Whiteoak View, Bolton

Bell Stan

12 Roscow Avenue, Bolton

Brighten Up Your Home

104 Starcliffe Street, Bolton

Morton J K

9 Orchard Gardens, Bolton

Wyatt M J Ltd

James House Worsley Road Industrial Estate, Worsley Road, Farnworth, Bolton

Jolly Les

13 Glynwood Park, Farnworth, Bolton

Property & Maintenance Solutions

378 Lever Street, Bolton

Bromley Cross Painting Services

21 Eastgrove Avenue, Bolton

Broken Colour Detectors Ltd

Skipton Street, Bolton

Hunt W

1 Corner Brook, Lostock, Bolton

Horwich Decor

111 Mason Street, Horwich, Bolton

Indigo Interior & Exterior Decorating

4 Clough Avenue, Westhoughton, Bolton

Cooper Ian

4 Crocus Street, Bolton

J W & G M Morris

68 Limefield Road, Bolton

Black J

2 Beech Avenue, Little Lever, Bolton

Green Denis

11 Ranoch Road, Bolton

Haslam Michael

4 Rusland Drive, Harwood, Bolton


14 Winslow Road, Bolton

Chaisty K R

68 George Street, Horwich, Bolton

Bateman Colin Decorators Ltd

1 Bridle Dell, Egerton, Bolton

Wolfendale D

22 Harper Street, Farnworth, Bolton

Liles Neil

31 Brooklands, Horwich, Bolton

Barnes D J

52 New Drake Green, Westhoughton, Bolton

Martin Platt Painter & Decorator

12 Dryburgh Avenue, Bolton

P & G

37 Stopes Road, Little Lever, Bolton

J Settle Joinery

6 Wilmot Street, Bolton


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